Raise your hand if you enjoy seeing those dollar signs rack up at the gas pump.  Is your hand raised? No, we didn’t think so. That is why we have compiled this list of 10 Unexpected Ways to Save Fuel. Click here for Part 1 of our list and keep reading and we finish out with our final five tips.

6. Think Before You Buy

When purchasing a new car it is important to think about exterior features. A sunroof may give you the best views, but it won’t give you the best gas mileage. A sunroof interrupts the smooth airflow over your vehicle creating drag, resulting in lowers fuel savings. The freedom a sunroof can bring may outweigh a lower gas mileage, but for drivers who are really trying to save this can make a big difference.

7. Park Smart

When parking, choose a spot that allows you to travel in forward gear when you return to your car. Driving in reverse uses more fuel than driving in forward gear. Plus when you drive in reverse you are driving the same distance twice. Once when you backup and then again when you move forward. This may seem like a tiny detail, but over time it will add up to noticeable savings.

8. Avoid Excessive Idling

Idling is the number one way to throw away gas without even thinking about it. According to Edmunds you can save up to 19% on fuel consumption by avoiding excessive idling. Now we aren’t suggesting you turn off your car at every stoplight. But the next time your passenger says they are going to, “run in real quickly and be back in a second,” go ahead and turn off the car. That second will more than likely me a few minutes and turning your car off should save you a few bucks.

9. Plan Ahead

When driving to actives or running errands, take some time to plan ahead and try to fit as many errands as possible in one trip. Make your drive the most fuel-efficient by mapping which locations are closest to each other and avoid backtracking over the same routes. Don’t get caught wasting fuel running to the grocery store every day. Plan meals ahead of time and try to limit grocery trip to once or twice a week.

10. Get Your Car Warm Weather Ready

When temperatures begin to warm and winter blizzards no longer become a daily threat, remove your snow tires. Driving on winter weather tires during good weather seasons will make a big impact on your fuel savings, and not in the good way. Change your tires as soon as is safe, driving on deep tread tires will really rob you of your fuel.

Did you enjoy these fuel saving tips? Click here for Part 1 of 10 Unexpected Ways to Save Fuel. Did we miss one of your favorite ways to save fuel? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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