We had a feeling you would be back. Last week we shared our first 5 secrets to cleaning your car like a pro. Click here to see those tips on how to clean ground in dirt from textured vinyl, clean your floor mats and more. This week we have 5 more secrets to let you in on.

6 Pet Hair

You love your canine, but could go without the hairy mess he leaves behind. Don’t get caught at a business lunch covered in dog hair ever again. With the help of a simple squeegee and spray bottle of water you car can be pet hair free. Simply mist the seats and carpet with the water and then scrape across the material with the squeegee to gather all the hair.

7 Stubborn Bugs

Turns out dryer sheets are good for more than reducing static in your laundry. In fact a dryer sheet and hot water is the best kept secret for removing stuck-on bugs from the hood of your car. Just dip the dryer sheet is hot water and wring it out, add a little elbow grease and scrub those stubborn bugs away.

8 Dingy Windows

When cleaning your windows, avoid using paper towels. They can leave behind lint and residue that seems impossible to remove. Instead, use newsprint or an old t-shirt. Any type of glass cleaner will do. For unbeatable shine however, a solution of water and vinegar can’t be beat. Don’t forget to roll down each window and wipe the top edges.

9 Sticky Decals

Old decals and vinyl stickers can be a nightmare to remove. Don’t get caught driving around with your freshman year parking sticker still stuck to your back window. Remove stubborn decals with a plastic putty knife like these here and a bottle of Goo Gone found here. Use the putty knife to remove the sticker and then follow with Goo Gone to remove any residue. In a pinch, an old credit card can also do the trick.

10 Dirty Leather

For those with luxurious leather interiors, nothing can ruin that new car feel like a pen mark or unidentified smudge. Don’t risk the stain setting by waiting until you get home to treat it. Instead, keep a small leather kit in your vehicle and treat it immediately. The faster you react, the easier the stain will be to remove.

Did we miss anything? If we left our one of your favorite vehicle cleaning tips let us know!
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